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Immediately After Cleaning

  • Keep children and pets off cleaned carpets until completely dry.
  • Make mimimal use of the carpet until it is completely dry.
  • Be careful of slipping when walking from a wet carpet onto a tiled floor.
  • To prevent your newly cleaned carpet from being marked, don't remove the protective pads that have been placed under furniture legs until the carpet is completely dry.
  • Drying time can vary, depending on humidity, climate and ventilation. If Master Guard was applied during cleaning, this will also slow the drying process, which can take up to 24 hours or more.


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  • Ongoing Care of Carpets

Vacuuming is the most important aspect of maintaining beautiful carpets that enjoy a long life. The ordinary dry soil that gets walked in on a daily basis is abrasive and causes wear on a carpet by damaging carpet fibres. One of the first signs of too much dry soil in the carpet is fading or dulling colours. Added to this the effects of moiture (dampness from rain, normal respiration by occupants, etc.) and the dry soil becomes grungy, causing flattened pile. Regular vacuuming, preferably using a vacuum with a beater bar, will remove dry soil before it can cause damage and before moisture can trap it into the fibre.

To assist in minimising the amount of loose soil that gets walked onto your carpets, use a good quality entrance mat. This in itself can reduce carpet wear dramatically.

Any spills should be cleaned up immediately because the quicker you get to it, the easier it is to remove.

Don't allow a stain / spill to dry before treating as dry stains are a lot more difficult to remove. Keep the area wet while waiting for it to be treated.

To effectively deal with a spill, do not rub or brush as this will spread the mark and can work it permanently in to the fibre. Instead use a clean, absorbent cloth and blot the spill. Continue to blot with a clean cloth / area of the cloth, working from the outside inward, until no more moisture is being absorbed by the cloth. Depending on what was spilt, the area would then be specifically treated if there is still a mark remaining.

Whatever stain remover you may use, ensure that you rinse the area thoroughly after cleaning.

For assistance with stains, spills or stubborn marks, call usPlease ask us about our spot removal kits.

It is a good investment to periodically have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned. - This is also commonly a warranty requirement on new carpets. Hot water extraction is generally the preferred method. You are cautioned against going the DIY route of wet shampooing and dry cleaning as these methods can in fact defeat the object by leaving behind a residue that will attract and hold dirt.

One of the best ways to protect your investment is with Master Guard, which effectively block stains and makes dirt and marks easier to remove. One of the added benefits of this is increasing the life of your carpet and fabrics.

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