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Enjoy the benefit of 5 cleaning methods under one roof !

Established in 1947, Drifoam does mainly foam, shampoo and hot water extraction (commonly known as steam cleaning). Specialises in Persian, Chinese, Flokati and other high value mats and rugs.

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Dust control mats, high pressure cleaning and pre-delivery cleans. This is where we collect your mats and leave a temporary replacement until we return yours the next day. No additional cost.

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Mr Fussy specialises three specific cleaning techniques to suit your specific needs. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning), spray cleaning (also known as carbonated water cleaning) and powder cleaning.

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Carpet valet services specialises only in hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning, on all carpets and rugs as well as furniture and upholstered items.

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All work is fully supervised to ensure the highest standards, every step of the way.

  • Pre-cleaning Inspection

  • The area is inspected to determine the condition of the carpet and any special treatments that may be required. At the same time, the environment is assessed to determine the furniture and furnishings in the room and the drying conditions. Once completed, the specific procedure will be discussed with you.

  • Vacuuming

  • All dry soil and loose grime is removed through a thorough vacuuming of the entire area to be cleaned.

  • Pre-condition

  • The carpets are sprayed with a special cleaner to loosen the grime chemically. All spots and stains are specifically treated at this stage as well.

  • Cleaning Process

  • Deep cleaning now commences, which uses hot water extraction. The carpet is injected with cleaning solution and water and this is then vacuumed up immediately. In applying this process, the underfelt or backing of the carpet does not get wet and the application of the cleaning solution is kept localised and focussed.

  • Handling of Furniture

  • Before the area is cleaned, moveable furniture is carefully moved out of the way. Once cleaning has been completed, it is returned to it's original location with pads placed under legs, etc. to protect the newly cleaned carpet until it is fully dry.

  • Final Grooming

  • Finally, a grooming (called racking) is done to ensure that the carpet fibres lay in one direction and are fluffed to give maximum resilience.

  • Post-cleaning Inspection

  • The cleaning job is inspected to ensure that nothing has been missed and that the job has been completed to Clean Group's usual high standards. You will be handed a complimentary guide for the ongoing care of your carpet.


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